Twitter Marketing for B2B

Twitter offers many opportunities for B2B marketing. In the past few years it has grown to become a market leader in social media.

  • Twitter supports its users with 35 offices around the world, and the platform operates in 33 languages.
  • 500 million tweets are sent daily. That’s 5,787 tweets every second.
  • 326 million people use Twitter every month.
  • 80{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of Twitter users are affluent millennials.
  • According to the 2018 Twiplomacy study, 187 governments and heads of state maintain an official presence on Twitter.
  • 75{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of B2B marketers use Twitter.

With those few facts in mind, it should be enough to influence your marketing campaign. So understanding how to use the platform for your marketing is the next important step.

Twitter is the second most used platform for content marketing behind LinkedIn.

Benefits of Twitter for B2B Companies

Twitter allows you to connect with potential clients in real-time. This means that you can answer questions, post updates, and replying to other posts.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, when asked ‘Of the social media platforms you use, which three are the most effective at helping your organization achieve specific objectives,’ 67{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of B2B marketers answered Twitter (LinkedIn was ranked 82{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b}, while Facebook ranked 48{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b}).

Twitter gives you the opportunity to connect with clients and develop a buyer persona based on real information. It is a valuable marketing tool to be used when developing a strategy. It can be used to:

  • Build brand awareness within a niche industry
  • Share insightful content with clients and other industry leaders
  • Generate traffic and leads
  • Share content and improve company optics

How B2B Companies Should Use Twitter

Twitter should your top-of-the-funnel sales tactic. People are looking for content that answers questions or engages their attention with new information. This is not the time to promote, it is time to share and inform. You want to provide insight so that audiences want to click on your link to your website to learn more about your solution.

Link clicks account for 92{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of all user interaction with tweets (HubSpot). However, the tweet description must match or add value, insight, or an opinion related to the blog post or where the link directs to. If you cannot follow through with valuable content, you are likely to lose the interest of the potential client.

When it comes to the 80/20 rule, Twitter is your 80. People don’t use it as an advertising platform, but as a forum to discuss issues, seek knowledge and determine answers.

Some B2B Twitter rules:

  • Do not use Twitter as a promotional tool
  • Aim to provide useful information or value-added content
  • Ensure links provide the audience with answers, not sales

How to Measure Twitter Efforts

Measuring your Twitter efforts will help you to determine if your content strategy is effective. You can do this in a few ways.

  • Twitter offers native analytics which can be used to determine which tweets received the most attention each month
  • Using Google Analytics, businesses can then see if Twitter helps in overall marketing campaign goals
  • To measure if Twitter increases the lead pool or top-of-the-funnel marketing leads determine if prospects go from Twitter to the website to download a white paper, fill in a contact form, or sign up for the company newsletter and compare this with your numbers from other social networks

The social media tool can be used to enhance your leads when used as a top-of-the-funnel marketing tool. To do that you need to ensure that someone is monitoring your site so they can respond to enquiries in real-time and respond with useful information, not a sales pitch.

Twitter is a vibrant communication system used by millions of people to research, share and chat. When including it as part of your B2B marketing campaign it is important that you keep in mind the international audience and the overall purpose of Twitter itself so that you can create a successful and engaging plan that will lead sales down the funnel.