Tips to Promote Your B2B on LinkedIn

Having a LinkedIn account is important for your B2B company. Nearly 80{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of all business’ social media leads are generated via LinkedIn, and 94{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content, according to some marketers. So how do you use your account to generate leads?

Visual Content

Get the attention of your audience with images. People like photos that they can relate to, so having an image that has a person in it is a good way to get attention.

Make it Matter

Your LinkedIn account should be created as an accessory to your website. Use the account as a direct link to your business site by ensuring that your links and content direct people to you.

Your description is your chance to draw potential clients in. You have a few lines to inform and guide business clients toward your products or services.

Keep it Regular

Make sure that you use your account. Create an editorial calendar and post regular updates so that potential clients visit your page often and you position your business at the forefront of their attention.

The Tools

Advanced People Search is a LinkedIn tool that gives you the ability to find users based on a variety of parameters: location, language, current company, industry… You can change the filter options and monitor the results. This can help you specify your audience more accurately.

You can reach more potential clients when you reach out on social media. Using the tools that are available and understanding how the data, segmentation and location tools can work in your favour is a valuable marketing tool that requires little effort.

Keep your posts regular, your account up to date and link with your website to generate leads and expand your B2B industry contacts.