How Your Personality Affects Your Marketing  

We all have a personality. We like to display our preferences in our choice of clothing, music, style, choice of words – everything. Some people are very clear at defining themselves, displaying their personality through bold clothing, or eye-catching hairstyle or expensive clothing. Other people might be more subtle, choosing to dress in a conservative manner and share little about themselves publicly. This is the same for business personalities.

However, have you considered how your personality might be affecting your marketing? If you are the sole marketer for a business, and you have total control over the brand voice, you might be surprised by just how transparent your choices are to your audience and how much you are telling people about yourself – which might not be in line with the values of your business.

Let’s take a closer look at ways that your personality might be connected with your marketing campaign, and how you can unlink them should you need to.

goals + values

Most businesses take the time to set their goals and state values clearly. Fewer people take the time to assess these things in their personal lives. However, if you are working for a business in which you do not identify with the company ethos, it will show in your work.

For example, if the business sets a goal to sell 100 items in 5 days and the value is stated as making the most profit possible with a disregard for customers, product quality or sourcing, many people would not be comfortable with that strategy. As a marketer, if you do not identify with this practise it will show in the quality of work you also produce for such a promotion.

If you can answer for yourself, what are my goals and values, you are in a better position to understand your own work. If your personal attitudes match that of your workplace, it is likely that you will create genuine and quality work, if not, you might do the bare minimum to complete your work.

planning + strategizing

Some people are organised with colour-coded tabs, cross-referenced categories and intuitive access all just part of how they like to work. Other people are adrenaline lovers who enjoy the pressure of a deadline to motivate them to get work done.

If you are the hyper-organised marketer, you’ll have a seamless strategy planned for the coming 12 months that ensures each aspect of your campaign is linked and fluid. This leaves little room for last-minute changes, such as an international crisis (all of 2020) that needs to take precedence over your usual content.

For the fast-paced, on their feet thinking marketer, strategy and campaigns might be less important than responding to immediate issues and focusing on the feedback from the echo chamber.

messaging + presentation

Written, visual and audio content is often a direct reflection of the author. From colour choices to word selection, we all place ourselves in our content in some way.

The best way to avoid this in business is to use professional writers, and follow a style guide. Your marketing team should all follow the style guide and content should not deviate from the business personality that you’ve curated. From your colour palette to the style of writing you use, every person who creates content for your brand should comply with your style guide. Professional writers know how to do this and are a valuable asset for your brand.

People who make money writing do not necessarily understand how to remove their voice from your content and should be vetted to ensure that they are speaking in the language of your brand personality.

confidence + direction

If you are promoting your own brand, a lack of confidence and authenticity will show. Your vision for yourself needs to be close to the vision you have for your brand, otherwise, you cannot speak authentically about your business and your lack of conviction will show.

If you are working for someone else, your lack of conference in the product or service will be evident if, as made in the first point, your values do not align with company values. While you do not need to be dogmatic about your conviction, understanding the point of view of the business and being able to represent your company personality is vital for not only business success, but also your career success.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important things that you need to ask yourself as an adult are what are my goals and values. What are the things that matter to me, that shape me, that motivate me? How do I want to represent myself to the world? These are the questions that we ask when developing a brand personality, but we often forget to ask ourselves the same questions. Your values and expectations will change throughout your life. It is important to reassess them regularly and ask yourself if your goals and values are in line with the business you represent as a marketer?

If you are a professional writer, working in a position that does not align with your values can be a great creative challenge, especially if it is as simple as you are bold and have flair, but the writing needs to be conservative and studious. Creating a style guide will help to ensure that you and your team are on the same page, and can be fundamental to the success of expressing your business personality consistently.