How Important is B2B Site Design?

B2B marketing and sales differ from B2C marketing and sales. While site design is always a focus for any business, when your audience is other businesses making bulk orders, your focus should be on converting organic traffic to leads, offering your eCommerce platform across multiple devices and developing lasting client relationships based on the quality of your service.

There are simple ways that your site design can leave a positive lasting impression. One of the best ways to engage your clients and generating leads is by optimising your sales funnel – your website. Your site should fall back on the basic principles of marketing: inform, engage and persuade.

Your Value Proposition

Anyone who lands on your page should know instantly what your business is about. Crafting the right value proposition is vital. Without clear communication about what your business is, your sales funnel cannot effectively operate.

Less is More

Load time is important. When you reduce your web site to its essential elements, you are improving the appearance, appeal and readability of your site. Simple designs are eye-catching and draw attention. Let your landing page speak for your company.

The Reference is an example of how to use white space and minimalism for a big impact.

Illustrate Your Product

Clients don’t want to spend time scrolling through endless sites. Make your intentions clear. Your landing page needs to inform your audience fast, and in a way that is clear, captivating and concise.

Rocka is an example of a site that uses great design to send a message. Winner of an Awwwards. Special Design Kudos, the site is an example of how to illustrate your products and services to clients.

Your Content

Use striking images and intelligent written content to engage. The flow of information should be intuitive. Communicate using concise language, clear benefit explanations and strategic placement of content.

Don’t hide anything. People want to be informed. Invite people to engage by being upfront. Your business needs to be transparent to gain the trust of your potential clients, and the best way to begin forming a relationship is with your web site.

Call to Action Placement

Why wait to guide your traffic? Placing a CTA on the first fold helps your clients understand what is required of them to avail themselves of your services. Your potential clients are busy and often want to place feelers out to many companies before making a commitment. Making it easy for your clients to contact you can improve your organic conversions.

Ensuring that your CTA is well placed across all channels will engage your audience and allow them to reach you easily.

Designing a B2B website requires research on how design elements influence organic interaction with sites. Taking time to consider how your site delivers a message across multiple devices and how easy it is to engage with will help you to optimise the use of your sales funnel.