Case Study – Launching a Social Media Campaign

In 2019, Nordasec worked with a B2C client wanting to rework a social media campaign that was proving effective with existing clients, but not with new leads. The client, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect their strategic development plans, reported an ROI ratio of 5:1. 

Our case study begins with defining who to reach with a targeted campaign, and how Nordasec help the company, herein referred to as Company B, achieve their goals.


Company Name: Company B

Industry: B2C eCommerce – Clothing retailer

Year Established: 2014

Aim: Generate new leads via social media

Action: Rework existing content and the message to connect with new leads



Company B approached Nordasec with an existing social media editorial calendar. The campaign had been working to maintain customer interest but was not attracting new customers.

The campaign promoted the brand voice and was effective in putting the product before its existing audience. However, the social media campaign was failing to source new leads, which needed to be understood in order to redirect the campaign towards its goals.


Company B is an online clothing retailer with a mid-to-high price point (€30 – €450) for items manufactured from reclaimed and excess fabric. The clothing line is designed for women aged between 25 and 55-years-old, using classic dress designs.

The company has focused its message on the environmental benefits of its products. The brand voice is strong and invites customers to join its ‘tribe’ by choosing to wear the products which the brand claims, are environmentally friendly and responsible.

Customers who have purchased items have a repeat customer rate of 36{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b}. Repeat customers are offered incentives to make further purchases, such as discounts and special offers on exclusive clothing lines.


Nordasec determined that the brand voice was strong and the incentives for repeat business were well established. However, the message was not reaching new leads because the direction was not clear enough.

The social media that was published on a regular basis was of high quality and was value-adding material. The diversity of topics included the history of clothing and fabric manufacturing, pollution caused by the cotton industry, human rights issues in clothing manufacture, the effects of fast fashion on designer brands, and the art of atelier, just to name a few. The content provided was interesting and diverse. It was viewed in high numbers and shared.

What was missing was a clear CTA and obvious link to the website. The brand conveyed a message that choosing this label was a choice made by informed and distinguished consumers who make choices based on moral values. This was resonating with customers, and those who had used the site before were confident about making selections and purchases.

For new leads, the CTA was not clear and the message to ‘buy ethically’ was not direct enough to entice new sales, as AB testing of the website and social media on one platform, showed.


Nordasec optimised the social media reach by reworking the CTA within the social media content and highlight the message of ‘ethical’ purchasing. The CTA was made more direct as follows:

Purchase Your [item] Here – [Company B] Caring for Mother Earth

This CTA placed on all social media communication was placed within content immediately after the fold, in the top ¾ of the screen and again at the end of any blog content. In this way, it becomes more obvious to those who have received the content as a ‘share’ or have been seen it on their timeline because of advertising optimisation, will also understand that this content is connected to sales.


Company B had the aim of generating new leads without changing its content strategy and attracting a goal ROI ratio of 5:1. Nordasec made an assessment of the campaign and conducted AB testing to determine what method would work best. The choice made improved new leads by 90{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} and return customer sales by 40{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b}. The overall ROI was improved by 6:1, above the goals of Company B.

This project was conducted over a three-month period. The strategy has proven to be successful, and Company B is now in talks with Nordasec to expand into foreign-language markets.