A closer look at 4 Twitter Campaigns

Twitter has proven to be a very effective platform for B2C and B2B marketing. With a mere 140 characters, creative marketers are driving traffic and securing leads. So how do some of the most successful campaigns on Twitter reach users?

1. General Electric

General Electric has shown an ongoing interest in getting involved in social campaigns that, honestly, paint them in a good light and detract attention from some of their less flattering realities. And it works.

While critics are slamming the company for its finical support of a climate denier in the US elections, it is busy promoting a campaign by a cosmetics company to raise money for another cause:

When we all work together to tackle the world’s biggest challenges, real progress happens. Thanks@OlaySkin for working to help close the gender gap in STEM. For every tweet using #MakeSpaceForWomen, they will donate $1 to @GirlsWhoCode, up to $500K.

It’s a clever tactic. It makes it appear that the company is actively supporting the campaign, yet nowhere do they make a financial pledge or even voice their actual support for the cause. It does deflect attention from the bad press that the company is facing over its employee relations in Nigeria, apparent lack of support for climate change advocacy and profit margins.

3. Buffer

Content marketing SaaS provider Buffer talks very little about itself, with virtually nothing in the way of brand promotion or self-indulgence. It does provide frequent case studies of upcoming campaigns and is refreshing;y transparent about its own business operations.

They publish in a diverse range of industries, from beauty to kitchenware. If you want an insight, they’ll likely have published their opinion. It’s a great way to attract marketers from across the spectrum and allow your brand to speak for itself.

4. GoToMeeting

Content creation is the engine that drives social media, but it shouldn’t be the only tool deployed in your brand’s social marketing strategy. The sharing of relevant third-party content (known as content curation) is essential for positioning your brand as a helpful, customer-centric business, and the go-to resource for your industry.

GoToMeeting fills their Twitter feed with actionable content from their parent-company, Citrix, as well as other industry-relevant sources. This creates a Twitter community that puts education above promotion and positions the brand favourable with clients and competitors.

5. Maersk

Global shipping company Maersk has a surprisingly informative and upbeat Twitter feed for a B2B provider in an industry that is under constant pressure from all sides. Instead of sharing content like The 5 Best Practices of Stock Handling, they’ve decided to populate their feed with stunning HD images of their fleet travelling to remote and beautiful corners of the world, useful information and statistics, such as when shipping is expected to resume in parts of China since the coronavirus outbreak.

They have humanised the business and opened parts of what is considered a boring and dirty necessary part of globalised trade, to an online audience.