B2Bs Turning to Digital Marketing in Lock Down

As coronavirus spreads around the world and more countries are taking measures to the danger to public health, trade shows, conferences and other public engagements have been suspended, and many cancelled, with no indication of when or how events might be held so that B2Bs can survive this global shift.

The one big positive from this change is clearly the benefit of our interconnectivity online. While some businesses made very few changes to operations because they already had online protocols that support remote work, others have had to adjust and learn new ways of meeting with colleagues and clients online.

Figures published by data intelligence company PredictHQ indicate that in February, concerns about the coronavirus led to a 500{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} surge in cancellations and postponements of significant events. However, the uptake of collaboration tools such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed in March as forward-thinking managerial teams work hard to create a space for employees to meet online. This is vital for your businesses survival and for your employees.

Many marketers are now trying to think of new ways to connect with potential B2B clients since the cancellation of major events, such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2020. The world largest cellular trade fair is a major industry event. Months of preparation and tens of thousands of dollars have been lost as the pandemic caused the shutdown of large gatherings.

This is the perfect time for marketers to try something new, something daring and potentially lasting, something that could save their company money, boost sales and establish the business as a world leader in change and adaptation. At the very least it is time to start reaching out online.

Connectivity tools allow users to host events, invite others and chat. If you already have a contact who you knew you’d see at the trade fair, why not reach out to those potential leads and let them know you are hosting a trade fair online? Schedule the event, create a presentation and even offer those who attend an added incentive if you can; if they came to your booth at the trade show you’d likey gift them something, find creative ways to do this online.

You could also connect with other industry leaders, even your competition and ask them to host an online trade show. While they might be your competitors, people like to have options. You want people to see that you are providing answers and solutions, so while they might not choose your product this time, the clients will remember that you are a generous leader who invites others to share ideas, join communities and innovate solutions.

While the current crisis has removed some marketing opportunities, it has created others. Now is the time to be bold. With so many B2Bs already on the line, it is the time to ensure that you are helping to secure the future of your organization by taking measured risks, creating space for people to connect and share your vision for your industry online.