B2B Website Design Trends

Keeping your website updated with your latest content is only half of maintaining your B2B marketing campaign. You also need to ensure that you follow the latest trends so that your website is representative of your business and reaches your audience.


Animations bring movement to your website, which captures the eye and can encourage traffic to stay on your page for longer, leading to the potential of moving a lead further through the sales funnel.


Videos are a great way to communicate complex a product or service. If your business is struggling to find the right sales pitch, consider showing people the benefit of what you have to offer.


GIFs are still on-trend. Simple to make and easy to share, the right GIF released with your online content can attract attention and engage your leads, boosting your brand identity.


Illustration created for your brand can set you apart from your competition. While stock images are easy, custom art takes time to create and forms part of your brand identity.


Using colour to move the eye is a great way to direct your traffic’s attention to the information you want them to read on your site.


Providing access to your business through forms shows that you are ready to communicate with your leads and boosts their confidence in your business acumen.


Creating a website that is accessible and responsive across devices is vital to your business success as people move from laptop to smartphone to desktop access throughout the day, researching for the B2B provider they need.


The website design should be based on the latest UI and UX so that your site looks modern and conforms to the intuitive response demands that customers expect.