B2B SaaS: 5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Customer Support

One of the most important aspects of any business is customer interaction. Many B2B operations overlook the importance of treating clients as customers due to the professional nature of interactions. However, your customer relationship in B2B operations is different from B2C operations. They tend to be long term, require a high level of knowledge from your sales team and are often logistically complex, requiring swift action and expert coordination of relationships. Improving the way that you manage your B2B relationships can be made easier with SaaS that supports your business operations and your staff.

Self-help option

According to Nuance Communications, 2 out of 3 customers would rather help themselves than talk to a customer service representative. The SaaS can streamline sales, such as ongoing stationery orders each month. Your customer sends their order online which is then processed automatically and generated for workers to pack and send. This allows your sales team time to answer emails, calls or chats in a personalised and effective manner, securing your client relationships.

Faster customer support

Having a software solution specifically designed for B2B customer support will help make sure that the needs of customers are attended to in a timely manner. With a quality B2B software solution, tickets are sorted and organised automatically, eliminating some of the administrative tasks a representative would usually perform, giving your team more time with customers and less time dealing with logistics.

Unification of customer information

Relationship building is an important part of B2B customer service. The B2B environment isn’t the same as B2C. Businesses spend money differently compared with B2C consumers. There are more people making decisions and they don’t all have the same goals in mind because their pain points aren’t the same across the board. It is important that customer service reps truly know their customers. Having all customer information in one easy-to-access spot makes this easier.


With a high-quality software solution, representatives have the ability to work together on any ticket, which can be essential for finding the best solutions for a customer. While all representatives should be qualified to answer customer questions, collaborating as a team on a ticket will ensure the solutions is exactly what the customer needs. Directing queries to the most qualified person in the team will show your customers that you care about answering their questions with solutions.

Reporting and analytics

While you’re probably already tracking your customer service analytics, customer support software can help improve your reporting capabilities. When you take your business intelligence to the next level, you empower your business to improve the services they provide by having the ability to better understand where you’re succeeding and how you can improve.