B2B Marketing – What Not to Do

The aim of marketing is to sell your product. In order for that to happen, your marketing team needs to be productive. But are your team meeting their goals, or are they overwhelmed with work? Ask yourself if your marketing team is doing any of the following and consider how you could change things to boost productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Lacking Routine

Does your team have a daily routine? Do they know whats needs to be done and when? Empowering your team with a task list lets them know what must be done, who is completing each task, and when projects are due.

Routines give people boundaries to work in and allow people to prioritise their tasks, as well as complete tasks in a timely manner. This will also make larger tasks seem smaller, and allow your team to come together in a crisis to solve problems and manage the daily tasks at the same time.


Scattered Focus

Multitasking has been too long held up as a key to success. However, multiple studies have shown that multitasking is not the answer to productivity. We humans do not have the capacity to focus fully on more than one task at a time, and we struggle to switch between tasks in rapid succession.

The most productive people are those who focus on one task at a time, work for about 40 minutes to one hour without interruption, then take a short break before continuing with the same task or switching to another. Those shorts break should be used to stretch, let your mind wander, have a short walk or play with the dog. Doing something for about 5 minutes that is not related to work gives the mind a break and will have you ready to immerse yourself in work again.


Too Many Meetings

Meetings are a time suck. They kill productivity and motivation. A 1-hour meeting usually takes each person about 4 hours to prepare for. Managers spend about 12 hours per week in meetings, and overall about 1 week a month is spent sitting in meetings.

At the end of the meetings, many people feel pressured to catch up on time wasted discussing things that could have been resolved via email, and find it hard to get back on track for the rest of the day.

To improve productivity, communicate via channels that allow people to continue with their day, but stay on the same page. If you implement a management environment that fosters autonomy and free flow of communication, rather than a hierarchy of micromanagement, you can cut back on the time-consuming meetings.


Inspiration Killer

Let people get creative. All to often the reason that people are unproductive is a lack of motivation. If the work on your plate is not inspiring, it is hard to find the motivation to approach it with gusto.

If you give your team the freedom to be creative and use their skills, their productivity is likely to improve as they feel motivated to complete tasks and inspired to try new ideas.


No Alignment

The key to B2B marketing is the alignment between your sales and marketing teams. When the teams share data, they can share ideas. This means less time wasted on campaign ideas that are not in line with sales directions.

  • Aligning sales and marketing can help generate 209{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} more revenue from marketing
  • Sales reps ignore 50{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of marketing leads
  • 61{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, but only 27{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of those leads will be qualified
  • 60-70{735f2e4b65c3f1982e3012daf49d8651419bebdced28f8d40dc0564cadc91c3b} of B2B content is never used because it is irrelevant

Improving productivity is about reaching your goals efficiently. You don’t need to work harder, you need to empower your team to be able to work smarter, to be inspired and to be invested in their work. When you remove the obstacles of traditional hierarchy in the workplace and allow your skilled and talented staff to work with guidelines and creativity, you improve productivity.