B2B Marketing Tips 2019

Know Who Your Buyer Is

Someone in the business you are approaching is the decision-maker. Depending on your industry, this decision-maker in many industries could share common traits. If you are connecting with the marketing manager for a hotel chain, they might have worked or taken common educational paths which can help inform your style of writing, for example.

Know Your Brand

Every company needs a brand, and every marketing strategy needs to understand the core message of this brand in order to communicate for the company. This will enable you to develop your branding message, which is ‘what do you want people to know about you?’. This next step in branding is a way to establish your brand personality and how you want to be received in the marketplace. Do you want to be seen as fun and flexible, or do you want to define your business as reliable and hardworking? They need not be mutually exclusive, but knowing who you are will help others to know how to interact with you.

Know Your Goals

As with every marketing piece ever written, we are telling you that you need to know your goals. Without defined goals, you are just shooting in the dark and hoping you hit something. For a while, this could even work, but for long-term success, you must have a plan and goals. They are allowed to be flexible, but try and know exactly what you want as your final result so that you can choose between converging paths wisely.

Know Your SWOT Analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis is not just a day of busy work and team building, this analysis of your business can become a powerful basis for the hard decisions that need to be made in times of crisis. It will also help you to determine who else is in the competition and to what level.

Know Your KPIs

Create KPIs for all departments and a plan to stick to them. This helps your B2B marketing because you will be better able to analyse figures and reach targets. KPIs should not be used as ‘motivators’ or a way to threaten your staff with compliance, they should be guidelines for people to understand what is expected of them so that they can work independently of micromanagement.

Know Your Content

You need to create content for your B2B strategy, and it needs to be of even higher quality than that used by B2C businesses. You are selling to other professionals who do not have the time to waste on frivolous or complicated content. Create sites that have excellent UX, write content that is intelligent, well researched and interesting, and make videos that are short but on point and engaging. Create a content calendar that is realistic for how much engagement your business can commit to and remember that your B2B clients are real people, not just company logos.

Creating a B2B marketing strategy is not that different from a B2C strategy. It is important to keep in mind that you are dealing with real people working for companies. Those people need to be reached by your campaign, so focus on the humans behind the corporations while developing your next strategy.