About Us

Innovating Businesses

Nordasec is a committed business services provider that has been celebrating the successes of its clients internationally for more than 10 years

Nordasec has been involved with B2B business-expansion campaigns around the world.

:: Businesses choose us because we understand glocalisation ::

We research for solutions

The answer to expansion is understanding the market you are entering.

More than just words, Nordasec speaks the local language of the region you want to enter.

We expand businesses with a considered approach, evaluating the social, economic, cultural and technical adaptability of any expansion strategy.

We work hard to ensure that the solutions we offer are traceable

Our consultants live and work all over the world. We believe this gives us a unique insight when creating solutions for your business. Our methodical approach means that when we present solutions, they are adaptable, scalable and practical.

That means that when we present figures or use data to support a proposal, we have ensured that it is based in evidence.

The Nordasec team are creative, intuitive, experienced and dedicated.

Many of our core team have been with the company from its inception. It is because we have real experience expanding our own business that we can offer you comprehensive insights.


Hire us for your next project

Our team includes designers who have worked in technical application as well as graphic arts, software engineers who came to the industry out of a desire to make things better, consultants who have developed and sold numerous successful online businesses, and marketers who are driven by the rapid changes in online omnichannel marketing and its connection with website design.
Nordasec is about bringing businesses together.