5 Traffic-Driving B2B Blog Topic Ideas

Part of blogging is telling a story about your business. Knowing what to blog or what your audience will find engaging can be difficult for marketers. Having a list of basic ideas that you can build your blog around can help you develop a brand identity and discover what it is that traffic stops for on your website.

Thought Leader Pieces

An essay from a company leader can be valuable evergreen content. Most long-form content is 600-2,000+ words, and should be informative and backed by external research or statistics. Argumentative posts should especially be backed by data and research, which can help strengthen any point or opinion.

These types of long posts are important because they further establish the company’s credibility as an industry leader. If no one else in your industry is doing this, it opens the door for your business to be the go-to for answers. As a B2B provider, potential customers come to you looking for solutions to specific questions. Your blog can become a place where B2B decision-makers find answers when researching.

Case Studies

Case studies are a much longer form of the customer testimonial format, often focusing on the “story” of a client: what their problem was and how your company helped them resolve it. Marketing expert Jeff Bullas says that case studies as blog posts work well because they are niche-specific, they highlight a common problem your target audience might have, and they display the process of working with you.

A case study includes:

an introduction to the business being written about, including their problem

  • What do they need?
  • What are some of the struggles they’ve had in the past?

the solution provided by the company writing the case study, including the process it sets into place:

  • How does this product or service solve the customer’s problem?
  • Why was this product/service chosen above any others, including the competitions’?
  • What is the process for implementing this solution?

concludes with the customer’s results after the solution was implemented:

  • What were the specific increases or positive data statistics as a result of working with the service provider?
  • What are the customer’s goals moving forward?
  • How can these results apply to other companies?

Your writing needs to be engaging, exciting, and relatable for audiences to engage.


Testimonials for your company’s products or services are a great way to share with potential customers the solutions that your business provides. If you sell on an eCommerce site or a platform like Amazon, look regularly for helpful reviews and compile a blog post with them, keeping the theme to one product or service at a time.

If you don’t have a list of testimonials, consider reaching out to some of your loyal customers and offer links to their websites or social media profiles in exchange for a review. To keep in line with fair business practices, be sure to emphasise that honest feedback is key. If you get harsh feedback from a customer that you thought would give you a great testimonial, take it to heart and use it as a learning experience.

However, you should avoid overuse of this type of blog. A product or service review once every 6 months is probably enough for your potential customers to learn about who you are and what you have to offer.

Company Events

Posts on company events are important to include in a B2B blog because they showcase the company’s culture, and help readers feel like they know the company employees better. This helps increase the trust and loyalty between audience and business. Annual parties, fundraisers, volunteering efforts, new office space, promotions or new employees, new business and other opportunities can be announced.

Including a few photos also helps your audience feel more connected to your business. Personalisation in advertising is the most important development in marketing in the past few years. However, this needs to flow both ways. When you allow people to access the human side of your business, you are asking them to make a personal connection with your business.


Industry news is important for B2B operators. Setting alerts on various platforms so that you stay informed can help you to form not only a good business strategy, but also inform your marketing experience.

Writing an original piece about the news that you find shows that your business is engaged in developments in the industry, and making decisions about changes. Staying up to date with your industry and making observations shows your B2B partners that you are active in your industry and committed to following developments.


In Conclusion

Your blog should be value-adding. If your content does not offer your reader insight, answers or even a sense of fun, then you should reconsider whether it is a blog that is going to attract traffic and transform your business.