10 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2020 

Keeping up with the latest developments in marketing is easy when you have great blogs to follow. Entertaining, value-adding and considerate content means that your weekly reading time is a huge benefit to your campaign strategies and overall performance as a marketer.

Nordasec – For B2B

Our weekly blog is always considered and aimed at attracting attention to quality and value-adding content.

Seth Godin – Marketing Professionalism

One of the most influential marketers of our time, Godin shows you how to challenge yourself as a creative professional.

Andrew Chen – Growth hacking

If you’re reading this, you know who Andrew Chen is and why you should be reading his work.

Backlinko – SEO Tips

If you need to learn more about SEO, this is the place to start looking. Actionable tips will help you boost your ratings fast.

Reforge – Growth marketing

Advice from the people behind Pinterest and Uber. It’s all actionable and all about your growth.

Animalz – SaaS Marketing

Smart content that is based on actual client experience and feedback make this blog relevant to any marketer.

Detailed – SEO Tips

Despite sparse posts, the quality of the information you read adds plenty of value to your tools.

Intercom – SaaS Marketing

For when you want to know a bit more about things that might not seem related to what you are looking for. Intercom has a broad topic base to select your marketing and product research reading from.

Blind Five Year Old – SEO Tips

Although you have to wait a long time for posts (one every three to four months), they are worth it. Tested, measurable results are shared with those who want to know more about the ever-changing landscape of SEO.

ConversionXL – CRO

Real case studies offer valuable insights. If you have time, the back catalogue can really fill your time and mind with much valuable know-how.